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we are far too young and clever

yet again i broke my promise and didn't upload that huge rec list i was going to on monday. however, this time i have a valid reason! i am ill. i've been home sick all week so far since i caught a bug from my sister, and i feel awful. yesterday, i was only awake for about two hours in total. also, i just noticed that deleting and reuploading all of my icons (bar my lydia default) means all of my previous posts' icons have deleted. great.


does this mean morgana is going to figure out that merlin is magic? (or at least that someone in the castle is magic). i mean, she must know something's up since arthur was meant to die from the henbane and well, he didn't. if morgana isn't a complete idiot (which she isn't) then she ought to figure out that sorcery was involved. um, other than that, this episode was kind of boring. except for merlin crying over arthur, because that almost got me sobbing ugly tears. ps. wtf sam from game of thrones omg help i love you. pps. i think gwen needs to lend morgana some chapstick.

U M EXCUSE ME NO THAT DID NOT JUST HAPPEN ALISHA??? THIS IS NOT HAPPENING I AM NOT OK WITH THIS. i can't even talk about my feelings of that episode. i didn't realise how much i loved simon and alisha and simon/alisha until BAM her throat was slit by that evil spirit girl. goddamnit, rudy. why did you have to tell her about the whole revenge thing? i do agree with kelly, though. the whole time loop thing is pretty romantic. 

ok, now i'm going to post this and then i'll post my recs tomorrow. (because having recs and all this in one post looks ugly. blame the perfectionist side of me, ok)
Tags: i am not ok with that finale???, merlin, misfits
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