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i can't move the mountains for you

it really frustrates me when i'm unhappy with my layout or url or something of the kind, because i just keep changing it back and forth and back and forth until i find one that sticks, and then i keep that one for forever. but at the moment i'm discontent with my theme so every time i go on lj i'm all fidgety and it's probably something to do with my ocd, but i just can't deal with it, and i have no time to fiddle round with it and look for another one or buy a new url for $10. and when things like this happen, i find myself posting less often because it just makes me uncomfortable because it's so ugly and disorganised, and i can't bear it. 

so, that's my way of saying sorry that i probably won't post every single day until i find a layout that i'm happy with, and i'm sorry for being such an ocd freak.
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