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i'm so freaking sorry for not being completely mia for like a thousand years (well, just over a month but whatever) without warning or reason, but i've been so busy recently that i have had literally not a spare minute to write. i haven't even got round to the six hundred things on my to do list which i promised myself i would do, but that's also being postponed. i did say that i'd be posting a lot less frequently, but this wasn't exactly what i meant - and i definitely didn't mean to stop all mix/graphic/writing/art i was in the process of doing. i'm even more sorry that my hiatus is being extended until further notice, so this is just a little notice to tell you all that i am not gone, nor dead, nor living on jupiter. and again, i'm sorry sorry sorry.

(ps, i started reading homestuck and it's p. fucking good, wow. considering the only reason i started reading it anyway was because of all the fanart, i'm actually enjoying the plot etc (after the first few parts which were boring as hell). i alsoooo started watching shameless and once upon a time, so yeah. news.)
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