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super rich kids, we're nothing but loose ends

i'm not actually dead, contrary to popular opinion. 

see, i've only had lj around a month and a half now (i think). and in that time, i've just been finding my way around and getting to know the basics, since lj is so so so different to tumblr. at first i tried to post every other day, or once every three days, but since everything in my life has been taken over by exams that really isn't going to be possible. 

so from this moment onwards i'll be most likely posting quite inconsistently, as and when free time arises. i'm not quite sure why i felt this was a necessary post to write, but i've also been way behind on replies/comments etc, so if i haven't replied to you: I'M NOT DEAD, AND I'M SORRY. 

not only do i have mounds of revision to do right now (i am officially the queen of procrastination) but even though i still haven't caught up on the last two (three?) episodes of misfits, and i have about twenty-two tv shows in my to-watch list, i've decided to rewatch skins. oops. i finally convinced N to watch it (since i knew she'd fall in love with it) and while listening to her rant about how creepy sketch is and how much she loves chris, and how ugh maxxie is the cutest thing in existence (i quote), i of course had to rewatch it all. from the very first episode. oh.

homestuck is a thing that keeps popping up everywhere i go on the internet right now (as well as neopets, strangely. my childhood is coming back to haunt me), and i really think i ought to finally read it. i started it once, maybe a few months ago, but i got distracted and haven't looked back since. however, the art for it is gorgeous and it frustrates me how there are millions of characters i don't even know about - since generally in any other popular fandom i would know almost every major character and at least some of the plot, but for homestuck i know nothing. at all. 

since i'm so ridiculously behind on everything, i'm going to set myself a little "lj to do list", so i don't forget about all my current fandom projects. and so you guys can see that i'm not completely incompetent, and that i'm not just sitting here on my ass doing nada contribution.
 theon mix
▻ the hour graphics because that show is
utter colour porn
 icons??? i've got a whole load of caps but
no time on my hands. life is hard
▻ compile a giant recs list. this will not be happening
any time soon since i have millions of
documents/bookmarks/link sites holding all of my
different recs over the years, but nevertheless i will
eventually make one. maybe.

now  i'm off to revise. yum.
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